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QuickBag - Efficient storage and rapid deployment
of all fire hose dimensions
QuickBag hose bags onboard a fire engine at Uppsala Fire Brigade in Sweden. Their orderly arrangement promotes a fast and effective response.

Orderly arrangement means
fast response

QuickBag hose bags keep hoses in order both in storage and on the emergency response vehicle.
Air gap between hose bag and floor plate eliminates the risk of mould growth.
Hose bags are available for both single-rolled and double-rolled hoses. QuickBag hose bags enable fast and accurate hose deployment.
Bags for 76, 63, 42, 38 and 25 mm hose dimensions. Other dimensions are available as options.
All bags are delivered with an adjustable carrying strap. Carrying straps with nozzle holder attachments are also available.
Hose bags for forest fires can be placed on quad bikes. When coupled together, several hundred meters of hose can be deployed in a very short time.